We are a Digital Marketing Agency in Abuja Nigeria and we provide one of the best Digital Marketing services both near and beyond.
A client’s first impression of your business and company is typically through your website and owning a well-designed website is essential for implementing marketing campaigns that drive conversion. At Genuine Geniuscity, we help create professionally designed websites and implement effective marketing strategies that give your business an edge over competitors in the online space. You might as well schedule a consultation with us today and tell us about your projects and needs!

Genuine Geniuscity Elevates Your Business


We have an award-winning, reputed branding team that creates high-rated brands for businesses and companies. Our branding team does four things well: Brand Naming, Brand strategies, Brand research & Brand identity. Therefore, if you ever want to partner with a professional team of branding experts capable of creating A-list brands at incredible speed, then do well to reach out to us.

Social Media Management

Social networking is becoming a vital component of digital marketing and customer service. Without social media marketing, your integrated strategy for marketing is incomplete. The most challenging and time-consuming component of social media strategy for most business owners is management.


Our E-commerce sites do not only look good, they focus greatly on User Experience. We ensure it brings out its best across various digital platforms and meets all your requirements.


We optimize your website content, structure, and meta tags to enhance an interactive search engine.

Content Creation

The phrase ‘Content Is King’ cannot in any way be over-emphasized. If you need attractive and captivating content, we can handle it for you.

Graphic Design

One of the essentialities of a successful business is quality Graphic Design: from a logo that reflects a brand’s values to a well-branded campaign, moreover, our Graphic Design professionals are available to ensure your brand look and feel are cohesive across all digital touchpoints and are cohesive to the vision of the business/company.

Web Design

Every one of your competitors may own a functional website that drives their sales and gives them a buoyant online presence. Thus customers who would have been willing to patronize your business, have ended up on your competitor’s website.
But Genuine Geniuscity Web Design ensures your business gets the recognition it deserves.

Marketing Strategies

Firstly, we consider all the available marketing platforms and find the one that best suits each business. Meanwhile taking into account your products and services, and your target audience, we’ll decide which branding, content, messaging, and platforms should be used.

Why choose us for your projects?

There is so much information out there about digital agencies in the world that it can get overwhelming to know who to choose. Therefore you’ll need to consider some things including; your business goals; the experience needed; and also the cost of the project. So below are a few reasons why Genuine Geniuscity Web Design may be a good fit for your company:

Pros not Cons


For your business to have a competitive advantage in the online world, you need an outstanding website. Because our custom-designed websites are built with purposefulness and functionality in mind, it ensures you stay in the minds of your clients and build up a supportive base in time.

Mobile Responsiveness

Certainly, the ability of your website to perform on all platforms and devices and not just on desktops is the responsiveness of the website. Because most interactions and transactions are done on mobile devices, it is a vital part of our process. Thus we examine mobile responsiveness throughout the web design project to ensure its sleekness with your brand and development.

Secure Socket Layer [SSL]

Worried about your website being secured? Certainly, our agency can fully guarantee your link encryption and authenticated connection between a web browser and web server so that your site’s is database secured.

Content Management System Guide

You need not worry about how best to use your website once it is live because coming to the end of the web design project, we will take you through the backend and guide you on how to use the plugins, edit web content, track your analytics, and manage blogs and pages.

Business Consultance

Our team will be open anytime to take booking of consultations. And sure enough, we are the answer to your business’s prayers.

UI/UX Design

Additionally, having an understanding of our client’s journey and developing a website that is both operative and User Experience- considerate is part of our website design scheme because our UI and UX design ensures we concentrate on the user, no matter what device they are using or where in the globe they are visiting from.

The Genuine Geniuscity Way Of Website Design

Designing an eye-catching and functional website is in a step-by-step course involving our experts across UX /UI design, content creators, SEO, and web developers. Genuine Geniuscity Web Design works seamlessly and provides tailored websites that suit your business.
However, there are a few steps we need to take before we can start this, during the launch, we do our final examining, submit sitemaps, create redirects, and set up your Google suite such that your site migrates seamlessly and your website performs well thereafter.
working on your website: we need to take steps on online presence, journey planning, and market insights. Hence all of these steps portray a better picture of what your vision is and where you want to go.
Nonetheless, our work doesn’t end there, because we will also take care of everything including ongoing monthly updates, hosting, and site security to keep your site on the safe side.

All you need is available in a single package:

Professional, custom Designed
Search Engine Optimized
Periodic Statistics and Analytics
Hosting and SSL
customer relationship/support
launching in as Little as 2 Weeks!
Social media integration
Live chat integration
Newsletter integration
… and much more

Go Professional

Do you know you could be losing potential customers with an outdated website? People mostly judge books by their cover thus many businesses don’t know the advantages of owning a professionally designed website.

Save Money

You don’t need to take out a loan or break the bank to have a professional and eye-catching web presence. Therefore our prices are a fraction of what other web designers charge.

We Work With You And Your Vision

Moreover, there is more to creating a website than having a nice design and few words on the webpage. So it takes time, strategizing, and vision. Therefore we cherish our customer’s satisfaction, hence our secure money-back guarantee.

Enhance Your Business

Our websites do not only look great but they are also designed to improve your business. Concurrently Start attracting more customers online with an attractive, custom-designed, search-optimized, and accessible website for your business.

We Are An Experienced Team

Additionally, we have over 100 of projects completed and no negative reviews so far, yours won’t be our first.

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All I needed for my confectionery business was never to be left out in the online space. Gracefully! My partnership with the team has not only helped achieve that but has also been an undeniable sales boost for Larry Confey,

Favour Omolara

Owner/CEO, Larry Confey

I once thought of running a website for my poultry farm but shrugged it off simultaneously. More because I felt mine was never the digital kind of business, but when I witnessed how Genuine Geniuscity transformed my friend’s barbeque digitally I was convinced such a success could be replicated for my farm. And guess what? It’s a big-time boom for my business

Stanley Aiyegbeni

owner, Stanley Farms

I can safely attest to their keeping up with the values. Take them for their words.

Bright Tega

manager, Castlar Realtor

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