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There’s a gap between an attractive website and a functional website. You might own a website and be worried about how your site is underperforming in boosting your sales – worry less, that is where Genuine Geniuscity comes in. At Genuine Geniuscity, we not only create visually compelling websites, but our website also excels in other aspects of functionalities: mobile responsiveness, interactive, secured, custom-design, optimized…
Our websites are built purposefully: Building strong digital visibility and generating revenue.

Unceasing Customer Support

We will always be prompt in responding to your requests/queries. We are here to help and provide support in every way possible to see to your unyielding SUCCESS: OUR PRIDE

Gaining Trust From Brands

We are no new name in the Marketing industry- we are one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing digital marketing agencies.

Past Work

We are steadily gaining in on a stronger portfolio. Stay tuned!



We take details seriously. Therefore, our pricing is based solely on the project details. We also consider our client’s affordable budget, mostly in the case of marketing campaigns on platforms – in which we consider the time range for the ads to run, your budget per ad, and other factors. Hence we reach all sorts of mutualism with you to get the best off your budget.

In all, we uphold our values of transparency and customer satisfaction.

– Genuine Geniuscity project team

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Holding on to our promise of working with you and your vision, Genuine Geniuscity collaborates with businesses and brands to deliver cost-effective and high-performance projects

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